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Waterkoker 1,7L Vintage, beige Ariete

The Ariete 2869 Vintage Electric Kettle is the designer kettle that furnishes the kitchen with its unique shapes and pastel colours. The 360 ° swivel base allows easy placement of the kettle on all kitchen tops. The Vintage Electric Kettle has a 1.7 L capacity and 2000 Watts of power, which allow the water to boil in a few moments, so you can quickly prepare infusions, teas and herbal drinks. The cold handle and the stainless steel walls protect you from accidental burns; the kettle turns on with the simple push of a button and turns off automatically when the liquid reaches the boiling point (for safety, it also turns off when it is empty). The Vintage kettle is perfect for quickly boiling water, a key element of Italian cuisine, but also to make fragrant teas and delicious infusions such as herbal teas, chamomile and barley drinks. Ariete makes iconic and functional products: the Vintage Line combines Italian design with the ease of use that is the hallmark of Ariete, Italian company that is a leader in breakfast products.

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  • Verbruik: 2000w
  • Afmetingen: 30,5 x 22 x 22 cm
  • Kleur: Beige
  • Bruto gewicht: 1.67 KG
  • EAN Code: 8003705115163
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