AKAI RC80D4-DAB-B - Clock Radio

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Clock Radio, DAB, DAB+, FM-Radio, 30 preset, sleep & snooze, noir Trevi

The Clock radio Electronic Digital Receiver with DAB / DAB + DAB Trevi RC 80D4 is a small device that allows you to keep an eye on the time and avoid unpleasant delays to appointments, school or work. On its large LED display you can see all the necessary information: time, volume, radio station you are tuned, title and artist of the currently playing song.

DAB Trevi RD 80D4 allows you to set an alarm clock , you can momentarily interrupt activating the snooze function , and choose whether to trigger the alarm with radio or buzzer. With the Sleep function , you can instead schedule shutdown of the clock radio.

The power supply of the alarm clock Electronics Trevi DRC 80D4 takes place through power cord .

»» Clock radio digital receiver DAB/DAB+ and FM RDS
»» DAB / DAB+ e FM frequencies
»» 30 preset stations DAB / DAB+
»» 30 preset stations FM RDS
»» Headphone socket Ø 3,5mm
»» Display Dot Matrix
»» Programmable alarm clock with radio/ringtone
»» SLEEP function
»» SNOOZE function
»» Power supply: 230V~50Hz, with external power 5V
»» Dimensions: 127 x 151 x 58 mm

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  • Dimensions: 5,8 x 15,1 x 12,7 cm
  • Couleur: Noir
  • Le code EAN: 8011000025452
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