ROWENTA VU4210F0 - Ventilator met voet

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Ventilator met voet 40cm, 3 snelheden, regelbare hoogte 100 tot 140cm, 60m3/mn Rowenta

The Robomow® Tuscania® 200 is a lawnmower robot. The Robomow Tuscania 200 is ideal for gardens of 200 m² and less.
The mower Robomow ® 200 ® Tuscania grinds the grass it mows through the system grasscycling said mulching. The grass is cut so thin that there is no need to pick it up, creating a natural fertilizer for the lawn.
In addition to this capacity it has a blade that rotates shifted outside the wheelbase, which means it can mow the edges perfectly and no other automatic lawn mower can do.
Mower Robomow ® Tuscania ® 200 has a single blade powered by two powerful 12V batteries that provide an average battery life of more than two hours per use. This robotic mower consumes little power and is extremely quiet thanks to Silent Eco ® mode.

Extra informatie

  • Verbruik: 60w/54dBa
  • Afmetingen: 115-145 x 46 x 54 cm
  • Kleur: Zwart
  • Bruto gewicht: 7.00 KG
  • EAN Code: 3121044104572

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